Coming back with a bang in 2021, the artist has been busy creating tracks that are now ready to be shared with the world.” - Kate Brayden




Who is Nauria?

An advocate for authentic self-expression, bravery, supporting outcasts and not sticking to one formula.

Nauria is an artist that experiments with pop, alternative RnB, electronic and afro-Latin elements.

Born in Lisbon but raised in Dublin. Coming from a multicultural and music loving family, her house was filled with 80’s rock, jazz, Latin, African, funk, and house music to name a few genres.

This inspired Nauria to start writing songs at the age of seven and subsequently became an important influence on her artistry and sound.

Convincing her friends to create a group for talents shows, she eventually became a solo artist, and this led her to perform in well-known places including the famous Irish bar, “Whelan’s.

In 2014, Nauria decided to move to Spain for a sense of freedom and with the idea of showcasing her talent to a foreign country. She later decided to take a break the following year and returned to Dublin to finish her studies.

In 2021 she released her first official studio single, Girlfriend Material, produced by Juan Beltrán. A female empowering pop song with a nostalgic 80’s disco and RnB vibe.

“Do what you love because you matter”- Nauria

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Press Kit

new single - Instinct

An electronic but chill RnB song highlighting uncertainty and a strong desire for reciprocated love. 

"Instinct", was produced in 2020 by "Kobina", an Irish producer based in Amsterdam. He then sent the track to Nauria and lyrics were added.

"I was going for the intrusive thoughts one has that leads to anxiety. I don't consider this a love song but more about someone in distress." - Nauria

Instinct will be released on the 11th of August 2021, and later will be followed by a music video directed by Sam Fallover.




Instinct cover art

Instinct cover art


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